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Monsters Racing Battle 3D


We believe that one of the deadliest monster racing games will win your soul at first sight. Live the dream of having a realistic monster simulator and enjoy the magic of operating these real creatures in monster battle games! The time has come to operate monster simulator to catch rare and mysterious monsters by questing and battling in one of the fiercest combination of monster racing games and monster battle games. If you really love racing games then you will definitely love this monster racing game. Now be sure to lead the race and become the winner in MONSTERS RACING BATTLE 3D.This game is all about racing and the gameplay is very exciting along with 5 challenging levels. In this game you will operate a monster simulator, and your mission is to kill and take down your competitor monsters and obtain the 1st position in the given specific time to win the race. Our monster has to kill the assigned number of enemy monsters and also complete the specific number of laps. If the monster is unable to do either of this, the level will not get completed. Once we’ll attack the monster, the competitor monster will try to attack us and run away to complete the race, but we have to strongly attack the opponent monster and take it down. A health bar will also be provided on the screen indicating the physical condition of our monster and the others. Now it’s your job to make this battle easy with your proficiency.So, race for supremacy in one of the highly addictive monster racing games in a real 3D haunted environment with our spooky monster simulator. You’ll get the chance to brag about your intense racing skills with monster simulator in one of the most horrifying monster battle games. So go ahead and race your terrific monster to the finish line and became a great champion in MONSTERS RACING BATTLE 3D, one of the newest racing game in play store!